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Permanent Eye Color Change

Iris determines each person’s eye color. It is the eye’s pigmented part with a hereditary nature. Its color is usually brown, black, blue, gray or green, which generally depends on two types of pigments: melanin and lipofuscin (for some types of green). In the absence of any pigment which is called albinism, eye color can change into the color of its flowing blood. Eye color change procedure can done with the help of Brighocular Surgey.

Iris color is very different in different parts of the world and it is comprised of a combination of two or more different colors in some people. Brown, black and chestnut are the most common colors of eye or iris with about three quarters of the world’s population.

Iris has an important role in controlling the amount of light entering the eye and protects the eye against harmful sun rays. Due to diseases or trauma to the eye, some people have no iris or defective iris. we have permanent eye color change solutions with eye color surgery.

History of Artificial Iris Implant Surgery

Artificial iris implant surgery was first performed by United States Pioneer Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Rush from Germany in 1996. Since then, it has been operated on patients in Europe, Canada, Asia and the USA. This eye color surgery is safe.

eye color change procedure
Permanent eye color change

Applications of Artificial Iris Implant

This method was first invented for its medical applications. The following diseases are the main indications for this surgery. People who cannot have good vision due to the following reasons and the sun and environmental light hurt them use artificial iris implant surgery to have appropriate vision. During the recent years, cosmetic aspects have been added to these applications.

Medical Applications of Artificial Iris Implant

In people with the following problems, artificial iris implant is performed. Many of these problems such as light sensitivity and reduced vision are removed by surgery.

Correcting eye color in people who have eyes with two different colors (Heterochromia)
Treating patients with albinism (ocular albinism)
Treating patients who have no iris (anirida)

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Brightocular Eye color change procedure

Treating patients who have rupture of iris following a trauma
Severe iris atrophy
Congenital absence of a portion of iris (coloboma)
Cystic and multi-layer iris (iridoschisis)
Cosmetic Application of Artificial Iris Implant (Permanent eye color change)

Brightocular Permanent change of eye color is another application of artificial iris which is done for beauty. Artificial iris is available in various colors and the surgeon puts the patient’s desired color into her or his eyes. This color change is permanent; however, if there is a need for the removal of artificial iris for any reasons, it can be easily done.

The purpose of this surgery is not to correct refractive errors and, if the patient uses glasses or contact lenses to correct his/her vision before the eye color change surgery, s/he will still need them after the surgery. In fact, correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism before or after placing an artificial iris can be done by laser and permanent change of eye color does not disrupt such actions.

Most artificial iris implant surgeries in the past have only been done for medical purposes and they are necessary and recommended for the patients to treat the above-mentioned diseases. This method is not recommended for merely cosmetic purposes. Nevertheless, in recent years many people intend and have successfully permanently change their iris color using brightocular eye color change procedure/artificial iris for solely cosmetic reasons.

Changing eye color has been a subject of fascination for many, captivating individuals seeking a transformation in their appearance. While the idea may seem tempting , it’s essential to understand the procedures and considerations involved in this process.

Advancements in medical technology have introduced procedures to alter eye color. One such method involves the use of iris implants or artificial iris devices. This surgical procedure aims to cover the natural iris, providing a different color appearance. Eye color change procedures have gained attention as individuals seek ways to modify their appearance.

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Treating Patients Who Have No Iris

Aniridia is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of the iris, the colored part of the eye. This condition typically occurs at birth and affects both eyes, leading to various visual impairments.

Though considered rare, aniridia’s prevalence varies across regions, affecting approximately 1 in 50,000 to 100,000 individuals worldwide. Its rarity necessitates specialized care and tailored treatments for affected patients.

The iris controls the size of the pupil, allowing appropriate light to reach the retina. Its absence leads to photophobia (light sensitivity) and decreased visual acuity due to unregulated light entry.

BrightOcular stands out as a groundbreaking treatment option for individuals coping with aniridia or the absence of the iris. This advanced eye color change procedure offers hope and significant improvements in vision for those affected by this rare ocular condition.

BrightOcular for people who have eyes with two different colors (Heterochromia)

BrightOcular, a revolutionary cosmetic procedure, involves inserting a colored silicone implant into the eye to match the color of the opposite eye. BrightOcular offers eye color surgery solution to harmonize eye colors for those with Heterochromia.

BrightOcular Eye Color Surgery treat Patients with Albinism (Ocular Albinism)

Individuals with albinism encounter multifaceted challenges, primarily revolving around vision impairment and heightened sensitivity to sunlight. These challenges often limit their daily activities and quality of life. BrightOcular eye color change procedure aimed at improving the vision of individuals affected by albinism. This innovative treatment involves altering the iris color and aims to enhance visual acuity, thereby mitigating the impact of albinism on patients’ lives. 

Stringent safety measures accompany this procedure to ensure patient well-being.

BrightOcular offers significant eye color surgery advantages to patients, including enhanced visual clarity and reduced sensitivity to sunlight. These improvements empower individuals to engage in activities they might have previously found challenging.


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